Criminal Defense

Most people who come through the criminal justice system are dealing with a completely foreign experience and being judged for the worst day, worst decision of their lives. You need an advocate who knows the process and the players, an attorney who knows and can show others that you are more than your worst mistake. We work diligently to get the prosecutor and Judge to see you as the whole person and not just the crime you were charged with.

As a former public defender and someone who has been gaining experience in the realm of criminal defense since 2005, April has seen her fair share of clients down on their luck. And no matter what the charge, the one common denominator that matters is an attorney with experience in the criminal justice system. Approximately 95% of all criminal cases charged end up resolving with a plea bargain or plea agreement. But what happens if negotiations break down? What happens if a prosecutor refuses to be reasonable or refuses to engage in appropriate negotiations? What happens if you and your case is part of that narrow 5% of cases that head to trial? Prosecutors know which attorneys will force them to trial and which attorneys will take the first offer and convince their client to plead guilty. You absolutely need an attorney who is experienced in all parts of the criminal trial, from picking a jury to questioning the states experts in a way that builds your defense, one that can tell your side of the story. April Murtha has that experience and those skills. Negotiations mean nothing if you can't back it up with solid trial skills. At AM Law, we are skilled and confident in all parts of the process to work to gain the results you want for your case.

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