Driving Under the Influence

Did you know that a DUI can be a felony offense? Did you know DUI's don't disappear from your criminal record? Your poor decisions from your young and reckless years can now come back to haunt you in full force. There are 2 separate parts of a DUI charge; the part where you try to stay out of jail (court process) and the part where you fight to preserve your ability to drive your car (DMV Hearing). AM Law has handled countless DUI's, many of which have gone all the way through trial. AM Law has been trained by top-notch attorneys and other professionals on the ins and outs of the Colorado DUI processes. Today's DUI laws are quite strict, leaving even some of the most sympathetic, progressive prosecutors without options to offer a reasonable plea agreement. This is why you need an attorney who has experience handling DUI trials.

Our representation of clients in DUI cases includes the following:

  • Felony DUI
  • License Hearings
  • DWAI
  • DUI 1st, 2nd, 3rd (misdemeanor)
  • Driving Under Restraint Alcohol Related- Habitual Traffic Offender (DUR-HTO)
  • Driving Under Restraint- Alcohol Related (DUR-Alc)
  • DUI- Eluding

If you have been arrested or ticketed for a DUI you only have so many days to request a hearing before your license may be suspended. Time is of the essence with these charges, give us a call today at 720-592-8514!